Understanding Pain Management, Get Help Near Barrington

Chronic pain can be debilitating. It can affect your life and bring struggles to your days. Fortunately, there are doctors that offer pain management, and you can find relief in and around the Barrington area. Here is some information about pain management that you might find beneficial:

Over the Counter Medication

Most doctors suggest over the counter pain medication for those who experience chronic pain. Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing, a doctor might recommend a topical cream or an actual pill. The creams often have capsaicin in them, which helps to block the signal of pain to the brain. Over the counter pills for pain include ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin.

Moderate to Severe Pain

If you don’t have any luck with over the counter medications, or your pain is moderate to severe, you might want to consider seeing a pain specialist who can help with other options. Medications, such as Oxycontin and hydrocodone, are options for some patients. A doctor might prescribe medications that are the same as those you might find over the counter, but in a stronger form.

Another option that people have is physical therapy. This can often help chronic joint, spine, neck, or back pain in addition to the pain associated with sports injuries. Your doctor can recommend a physical therapist, or they might even have one in their office.

There are also newer technologies out that help to alleviate strong pain. Two of these are PRP treatments and stem cell therapy. With both of these treatments, your own blood cells are used. The cells are extracted and processed, and then reintroduced to the body through an injection.