Why Do Dogs Dislike Having Their Nails Trimmed and How to Make It Better

Almost every dog owner has tried to trim their dog’s nails. They don’t understand how a dog views this, so they’re surprised when the dog wiggles out of their grasp. The posture of the dog seems odd to its owners, and its mania to escape upsets them. Will a visit to the veterinarian in Albany Park be necessary?

Their wild days are hardwired into a domestic dog’s brain cells. When they run, their nails are automatically kept trimmed and short. As dogs run up hills, their bodies lean forward so their back feet to pushes them uphill. All the nails are kept in good trim.

Long nails bang on hard surfaces, causing the toes to turn to the side to avoid damage. This hurts the toes. Many dog owners squeeze the toes to clip the nail, which hurts the animal twice. He’ll struggle to get away from the pain. When the owner cuts the nail into the quick, it bleeds, which also hurts the dog.

Gather your dog’s favorite toy and treats. Hold the foot gently. Put a finger between the toes to clip the nail. Clip only a small portion of the nail. Do this will all the nails. By this time, your dog will deserve a yummy treat, so be generous. Now clip the nails a bit more. Stop when you see the white of the nail with a dot in it. File the nail gently to smooth rough edges.

Trimming dog nails takes understanding and a gentle touch. Toys and treats put the dog at ease. A trip to the vet shouldn’t be necessary. If it is, Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic will take care of your dog and its nails.